Launch of performance enhancing insoles

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, has endorsed an innovative new sport insole which has been scientifically proven to improve performance.

ENERTOR™ performance enhancing insoles are the only insoles to be made with D3O technology, a patented smart material that cushions the foot when moved slowly, but locks together on impact to absorb and disperse energy before instantly returning to its flexible state.

The shock absorbing material has been engineered to offer long term cushioning and superior comfort, supporting muscle function and reducing lower leg pain.

Designed for high impact activities, the technology claims to deliver 44 per cent shock absorption and 35 per cent energy return for improved performance.

Usain Bolt said: “Being able to train harder and perform better enables everyone to break their limits.”

Dr Sue Barnett, Podiatrist at University of the West of England, Bristol, said: “In my practice I use D30 extensively in custom made insoles for athletes because it allows a sport and activity specific response to the forces the foot receives.”