Technician’s corner

Lloyd Washington, 64, won the Algeos Technician of the Year Award 2017 at this year’s BAPO conference. Here he talks about his 40 years in the industry.

What does it mean to you to win this award?
It means a lot to be nominated by my colleagues and to know that they value my work. I was really touched.

When did you start in the industry and where have you worked?
I began my career in 1973 at the Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre in Manchester for Vessa Limited. I have spent my entire career in Manchester. Currently, I work as a technician for Opcare at the Manchester Ability Matters Centre.

Why did you go into this industry?
I always wanted a job which would allow me to develop my manufacturing skills and produce something useful. Today, as well as being involved in the training and support of technicians, I also manufacture and repair prosthetic limbs.

What do you love about it?
I love working in a close team and get great job satisfaction out of knowing that my work has helped play a part in giving back mobility to people.

How has the industry changed?
There have been many changes over the years in terms of the skills required and the ever advancing technology. The last 10 years has seen technology I once only dreamed of.

What advice would you give tomorrow’s technician?
A technician’s skill can have a big impact on a patient so my best advice would be to really understand what and why you are doing something. It can be tempting to carry out a process and produce a quality product but without understanding it.

It’s also important not to worry about seeking advice, to always try and work together as a team and to realise that mistakes are all part of learning.

Pictured L>R Algeos’ Max Sheridan and Lloyd Washington.

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