Algeos Expands Sales Team

Algeos had a busy start to the year recruiting additional talent to expand their sales team. After several weeks of an intensive induction programme, they’ve hit the road covering all corners of the UK and they’re already experiencing success.

In addition the sales team has been further enhanced by the promotion of Shaun Large, Algeos resident materials expert, to O&P Technical Sales.

Max Sheridan, Algeos Commercial Director states ‘I am so excited about our new sales team. The new members complement our existing sales force to provide a great blend of clinical, technical and commercial experience for the NHS, O&P and Private Practice markets we operate in. This means we will be better placed to work collaboratively with our existing and prospective customers, to promote our products and to offer innovative clinical and technical solutions. It’s also ideal timing as we have several new planned product ranges to be launched this year. Exciting times ahead at Algeos!’