Homeless feet

Algeos has been working with a charity that provides podiatry care to homeless people.

The leading medical technology company donated a supply of consumables ranging from skin disinfectants, dressings and tools to Foot Works and these are being used by their volunteer team of podiatry professionals to provide a drop-in service to homeless day centres in London.

Since January, the weekly clinic has treated 195 people, most of whom are men.

Foot Works spokesman Richard Cooper said: “The purpose of Foot Works is to relieve discomfort and preserve, protect and improve the health of homeless people and individuals living in adverse housing conditions by providing podiatry and potentially other healthcare services.

“Foot Works’ beneficiaries will either self-present or be referred to Foot Works by other organisations that work with homeless people, including day-centres, night shelters, health and medical service providers.

“Uniquely, Foot Works has negotiated with key partners to ensure the ongoing provision of consumables to deliver the service, including shoes, socks, and basic medical supplies. Without this support the project would not be possible.”

Foot Works is non-public sector funded and is made possible through a combination of private sector partnerships who have provided goods for free and small cash donations.

The charity operates out of Homeless Day Centres and other homeless projects in central and outer London.

Richard adds: “We have recently been successful with a small grant, enabling us to open another clinic in Shoreditch alongside Crisis, the homeless charity, and are keen open another in SE London.

“We need to recruit podiatry skills from registered HCPC-registered and fully qualified specialists who would be prepared to volunteer for one shift a month or a few times a year. Any support would be welcomed as we can tailor our service around availability of people’s crucial skills.’’

If you are interested in supporting Foot Works please email [email protected]