Aortha adhesives pass SATRA tests with flying colours

Two Aortha adhesives have successfully passed rigorous tests carried out by independent research and testing organisation SATRA.

The brand’s ActiGrip Neoprene Cement and OrthaBond Contact Adhesive were tested in January by the SATRA Technology Centre, which is considered a leading technical authority for footwear.

The adhesives were evaluated for their ability to bond Aortha EVA to Aortha Neosorb.

The SATRA report said that “good results” had been achieved and commented that “high bond strengths have been recorded for both adhesives”.

ActiGrip is a versatile all-round product with a ‘quick grab’ and high strength for a reliable and efficient bond. It can be used for footwear repairs and manufacture, orthotic and prosthetic appliance manufacture, as well as everyday use where quick, high strength bonds are needed.

OrthaBond is a one-part polychloroprene adhesive with an excellent final bond strength and good temperature resistance.

It is regularly used for EVA, plastics, leather, rubber, PU (and Poron), cork, metals, woods and textiles to make orthopaedic insoles and devices.

Aortha provides customers with the latest material technology for use within the O&P sector and includes a variety of sheet foams, CAD-CAM materials, thermoplastics and carbon composites.

Nahim Choudhury, Global Brand Manager for Aortha, said: “We are delighted that these two important Aortha adhesives have passed these demanding SATRA tests with flying colours. We were confident that we would pass the tests because more than 70 per cent of O&P manufacturers in the UK already use OrthaBond and ActiGrip on a regular basis.”